4 simple steps for DIY wedding prayer candles

Give your wedding adds a bit of romantic, candlelit bar. Common prayer candles in your hands under the dress into a warm and charming lace prayer candles and adds a luster to your perfect wedding.
And teach you to use a 4-step, DIY wedding prayer candles.
DIY wedding wishing candle wedding table for 10 people, you need at least 6 prayer candles.
DIY wedding prayer candles needed a ruler scissors 25cm*30cm kraft paper (color optional) trim puncher (in this article use dots, punch) flower-shaped hole punch (this article used radial flower punch) double-sided tape Burns for up to 10 hours of prayer candles, glass filled 5cm.
Duration: pray each candles requires 5 minutes to spend: 100 $125 spent the wedding prayer candle making steps:
1, on a large sheet of brown paper and cut out paper 18cm*20cm, longitudinally folded (single Kraft is unable to make satisfactory hazy effect).
2, in the folded position, neatly with a trimming and punching out a row of circular holes, remember, be sure to play through two layers of paper.
3, in the center of the paper, with a flower-shaped hole punch out flower pattern.
4, stick some double-sided tape on the glass, will punch the paper posted on the double-sided tape, stick, and slowly wrapped in brown paper on the glass. Finally, at the end of the paper and then stick some double-sided tape, the paper is stuck. If necessary, you can stick some double-sided tape in the two-layer paper, ensure their smooth and neat. Then add the prayer candle, you're done. BACK

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