Ekin Cheng married Gigi to call to send the blessing

Ekin Cheng recently out of marriage, and old ailiang Leung, Gigi has some time ago in Spain to get married. Ekin Cheng's current girlfriend Gigi wedding blessing. Said in an interview today, Gigi if Ekin marriage is true, call to bless him. Because marriage is a happy thing.
According to Hong Kong media reports had just married Gigi (GiGi) attended the event, and asked the old aizhengyijian and YoYo Mung rumors of plans to marry underwater, GiGi, wrote: "is it true? If you are going to congratulate him, marriage is a happy, if it is true I will call him. "In addition, talked about and husband going out to party on Halloween, GiGi wanted to cat girl appeared, but for safety and don't want to be recognized, and only wear a mask. As regards whether it will seek more time to go out with her husband, GiGi says: "love me when he used to ride the tram, after the marriage will be easier, as are accepted. "While her husband would return to Spain, she is filming to Yunnan, laughs absence makes the heart grow. BACK

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