Provisional top sports star Ding Junhui, take the initiative to talk about girlfriends

Beijing time 22nd, 2012 Champions League finals open snooker, and matches on the first day, after the Chinese player Ding Junhui in the first 2:3 by Trump, beat Allen, and Robertson, Hawkins, achieved 3 WINS and 1 loss record, temporary group tops. After the game, Ding Junhui initiative in an interview said he has a girlfriend. A few days ago, Ding Junhui on Twitter says "playing very very hard! "Xiao Hui girlfriend Apple immediately on the micro-blog on the" comfort ". "Xiao hui had a girlfriend! "The news quickly spread in the users, and blessed by the most users.
Is the "glasses-girl."
Active after the game talking about his girlfriend, Xiao Hui said: "Apple helped me a lot, she gave me cooking, taking care of my life, so I have more time to practice. Now my life is much better than the original, and much happier. "
Ding Junhui in adulthood, gossip about his girlfriend is never broken. Ding has said on many public occasions to find a girlfriend is older than me, so, Pan xiaoting, Che Youlan, who were "gossip" is the best choice.
In early June last year, Ding has been photographed and a flower skirt girl appears at the airport, triggering media speculation. Two months later, a related "Ding Junhui kiss ' glasses '" Web video quickly spread, underground affair exposed, but Xiao hui has not been recognized. Yesterday, Mr Xiao Hui broker Zhang told reporters: "they were together for a while now, but in order not to affect the small bright play, he has not publicly acknowledged. "
Ding Junhui "she" was taking "glasses", Chinese name "Yuan Yuan", its English name Apple.
Love to the United Kingdom.
Ding had a girlfriend! " D too "was finally exposed in public. It is reported that Apple was a magazine editor in Beijing, two interviews with acquaintances. Their romance began as early as 2009.
Because of love, for love, Apple abandoned work, concentrating on the Ding Tai. Because some older than Ding Junhui, so life can give more care to Ding, Ding usually dress, also by her care.
Apple is a Beijing girl, straight-Bel. "Marco Fu, when is the time to come here to eat," "Tian Pengfei, Ah, I'm your sister, free dinner" ... ... Apple popular, particularly like to greet friends and Ding Junhui in the Sheffield went to her house for dinner.
Twitter records love.
"Ding Tai, the lovers get married! "" Small Sao, you have fire! "For fans ' enthusiasm, Yuan Yuan and nearly overwhelmed, flattered her and even micro-blog name changed twice in a row, but still could not" escape "netizens ' popularity. Less than a day later, Apple is now called "little a classmate ing" number of Twitter followers has nearly 800 people.
Twitter address exposure, the sudden increase of Twitter fans of Apple, to her surprise, "Oh ... ... What's going on? Don't scare me. "
In Twitter, Apple and Ding Junhui recorded her love along the way, she also put up pictures, which makes the legendary "t too" face exposure for the first time, users praise its class beauty, while on the young couple wishes.
Xiao Hui "person."
Apple Twitter called Xiao Hui "somebody", reviews Xiao hui's pictures, for instance, said, "Although it looks sloppy, but this picture smiling away. Congratulations, someone claimed the Welsh champion. "For example, Xiao Hui the Haikou open in early March after a first-round exit, Apple wrote on Twitter:" out of the lounge has its own life, especially someone forgot to lose you as soon as possible, in fact every day in a contest winning early Renunciate, put it down, it is your own. "
To win her heart.
Early years, Ding mother said in an interview, "I hope his girlfriend is a traditional wife and mother. Like his father and I, men should be breadwinners and women inside. "
Apple atmosphere good and in line with the small mother's request, been affirmed by the elderly. "She played my role. "Because before the dating Xiao Hui and Apple, MOM and d are the United Kingdom taking care of her son, now, Hui's parents had been living safely back home in Yixing. Apple is from the mother who took care of Ding Ding "baton", as the site in Ding Junhui behind the woman.
In this regard, most netizens have sent blessing, "Please forgive me for bothering you calm, but you still wish you well! ” BACK

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