Rainie Yang Twitter open relationship friends suspected joke

Rainie recently is very happy these days, from their Tencent exclusive tweets can be seen. On March 31, said, "I confess! My last words! I have a happy stay. "When users on this a bit is not clear-minded when, on April 1 (April Fools Day) morning, and finally answer," I finally found my Prince charming! Please bless me. "
Rainie love generation girl on the end of last year, into the entertainment career. However brought their emotional experience, was a bit rough.
It has admitted multiple relationships in your life. From the IMP, Ah Ben, Li Yi Chun-HO, 4 boys to writing different sweet for her. Only 1 character dark's eccentric boy was bad for her, she said: "this is not blessed relationships, people around you do not want us together, 8 months, I met with him for less than 10 times. "Although not named, but the hero was in fact that year and she co-produced the original summer, faded screen Roy Qiu.
Last year, and also reported a "new relationship", she and Wang Yangming's tour New York, photo spreads, the media followed. But none of the positive recognition of romance, Wang said: "I would assume that this, and thought that, media was a bit exaggerated, this environment could be like this. "
Public announcement: to find Prince charming window near Rainie, online life is Tencent weibo from the shoot, share the details of his life. Truly very comfortable.
However, the 31st in a tweet, let fans scratching. Rainie said, "I confess! My last words! I have a happy stay. "This passage is saying what? Not long after, 1st continues to update Twitter, declared "I've finally found my Prince charming! Please bless me. "Participant, the original Marilyn Monroe have a real sweetheart. However, Rainie Yang did not say the man information.
After seeing Rainie love confession, the fans gave its blessing. By 0:38, there are 2,142 users broadcast. However, some netizens expressed doubts, this may be the Marilyn Monroe on April Fool's day to everyone joke. BACK

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