Chinese qipao matching techniques

Dress since the early 90 's of the last century, became popular at weddings, at that time was basically just the red power, models are less diverse. More than 10 years, wedding dress long ago from the color, style, and quality of rich, Oriental bride and love.
How to wear the qipao the bride to be married today, must be from the color, style, fabric and careful consideration, such as personal health, temperament, and not neglect of hair accessories, accessories, shoes, make-up and other details, but also creative. Now let us look at matching Chinese wedding dress skills!!
Match a Chinese wedding dress tips: wedding shoes with red combination traditional Chinese wedding, dress with silk embroidered shoes is a good choice or silk satin shoes, color is best of festive color such as red, pink. Black wedding shoes don't match, although in modern times, it is a stylish classic color, but goes back to ancient times, and in ancient Chinese tradition, it is a very unlucky color, usually used in funerals. Chinese wedding cheongsam dress, with black wedding shoes, size no matter what your wedding shoes material will be elders rebuked! therefore, preparation for wife ' who enter the Wedding Hall, are sure to pay attention to the!
Match two Chinese wedding dress tips: paired with Oriental ornaments and some jewelry are hilarious and fit Western style weddings, such as outrageous diamonds. Representatives of some jewelry is warm, more in line with Chinese character and image, such as pearls, emeralds or jade. Then, one Chinese full dress bridal wear, should be equipped with what kind of jewelry do? could it be missing claimed the targets: Western? a little lift, you should know that is not suitable for it! so when Chinese qipao the bride jewelry, being careful to select the implicit analogy, and is consistent with the Oriental charm of qipao Oriental ornament.
Match three Chinese wedding dress tips: makeup wearing Chinese wedding dress bridal makeup more charm, not all are going strong, especially traditional Chinese wedding dress makeup. With heavy Western-style makeup different, Chinese qipao makeup, more emphasis on mapped out in the light of the unique charm of Oriental brides. Deliberately through pithy lines highlight the noble sense, is the Chinese qipao with the most matches.

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