Teach your wedding table calculation method to calculate the economic benefits accounts

Many couples will find any poorly defined in wedding table number? According to the number of friends and family directly draw would soon be able to do, what's to worry about? You understand wedding book is in the process of calculating the number of wedding table is the new most headache thing, laid more than a waste of money, set guest not sitting less, and very rude. Wedding table number should be OK?
Newcomers can be calculated according to the released wedding invitation hit 80 percent-85 percent to, say, sent 300, and celebrate the present is approximately 240 people about ~255.
If the couple's friends were in Group terms, when studying, for example, used to be a society member, or church or something, because a group strength and love, He Ke higher attendance rates, a 90 percent discount calculation; and if the postings are elementary school students, former colleagues, or for a long time, liaison, will probably hit 70 percent.
If you want a more cautious, it is best to call a week prior to the wedding guests, inviting and verify if it is alone or blocked presence, not only can really master the number of guests, you can contact feelings, it's two birds with one stone!
In General, families and relatives arrived at the scene, the individual can also directly telephone number; friends here are difficult to budget, good friends will join with wife and friends single to compare.
1.7 m table for 10, 1.8 m table for ten but more than enough seats 11, book ten tables is counted as each table sat 11 people would be tantamount to adding a table, costs remained much the same, in order to ensure all the guest's seat, a table is necessary. In this way, you can increase the number of floating feast will have two tables, reception error number no more than 20 people. So you don't have to worry about not enough to sit.
Maximum number of tables generally refers to the occupation of the hotel walk after the channel number in full, at the time of the wedding book, wedding banquet hall accommodates maximum number of table minus the number 3 is the best tables, red carpet, video, photography and other channels are occupied by being left out, results from the ceremony is the best.
Wedding table number more than ten tables, hotels will offer wedding room and a simple layout, attendance book, pen, cake, champagne, glass Tower, Xi Ka, in fact there are not valuable whether or not does not matter, with wine varieties and quantity and service fees can be negotiated that is worth a fortune. More than 20 tables to negotiate conditions more, how much benefit you can get depends on your negotiating skills. BACK

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