Wedding arrangement: colorful form, to create the door of happiness

Said marriage is the beginning of another life, which signify new life opens the door of the door. When the couple walked hand in hand to spend represents really begins at the wedding ceremony, while spending is also a new photo with the guests the perfect background, therefore, the flowers for the wedding is very important. Wedding market in China is developing rapidly in recent years, frequently innovation of happiness is, here's a look at some of the common forms.
A: dotted flowers flowers original flowers are mostly dominated by iron bracket, decorative flowers 3-point or 5-point set, remaining exposed iron decorated with veils, winding. This flower is the biggest advantage of natural flowers to decorate the door less cheap.
After the couple on their wedding there is a high demand, switching to green plants instead of winding veils, flowers focal point or 3-point or 5-point. This form has also retained.
Choose green transition as flowers and veils II: fresh flowers as wedding consumption levels rise and popularity of the domestic flower market, fresh flowers gate began to be the new selection. Compared to men, all fresh flowers gate at vigor has a considerable advantage, beautiful, naturally also cost a lot of money.   Flower mix also has a variety of forms, as this single flower quantitative arguments presented in the figure, a quality atmosphere, more suitable for roses this medium in size, full of flower type; different flower color matching, style consistent meaning full color contrast, bold personality.
Considering the price and preference for fresh flowers gate, the percentage of green plants and flowers, you can consider.
Picture-Mocha wedding planning, jianwai SOHO East 9th floor of building 5 single flower flowers flowers magnificent spectacular three: square flowers if you are bored or something, or dome of flowers flower, square men might be able to give you a little new. Square men more atmosphere which will be more suitable for large sizes, more flowers than the dome.
Pictures-long-wedding planning, bei SI Huan Dong Lu, Chaoyang District 108haoqian the crane business, first floor, room 804 square men masculine mix of beautiful flowers, as well as newcomer combines four: combined for a solemn extraordinary wedding, men, by virtue of the existence of space, modular flower very enhanced wedding weight, speed more effectively rendered the wedding atmosphere. 3 side by side door impact large volume, can guest on admission, he was attracted to momentum, and vertical stacking of multiple men have more intrinsic sense of space, the couple spend longer, savor the happiest time is long.
Pictures--Shu Xin wedding planning, East lights mouth Street 50th, good run building four layer j Office for spent material demand big of spent door, selection stars, cheap spent material is is good select five: personality road introduction pursuit personality, and DIY of times, increasingly more of fashion new pursuit non-General of spent door, so various arched of road introduction also came into being, branches, and Long Liu, branches class plant both can simple plastic formed spent door-like, also more unrestrained has natural line, deeply new love.
– Jasmine restaurant workers ' Stadium East Road, Chaoyang District Branch, Long Liu can also tone requirements spray six different color: variation of valance is the gate of happiness and, of course, can be men and veils, using both, it depends on the couple's money. Aisle has the advantage of a variety of forms, materials also have more choices, veils, the aisles can be paired with flowers, beautiful and amazing.
Picture--FACE Nan lu, Chaoyang District, South Gate of workers Stadium East grass Park 26th, white, pure and Holy, the bride like a Princess-like sacred BACK

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