Be careful of "cheap travel wedding photography" the four traps

From indoor to outdoor wedding photography wedding photography, wedding photography to travel again, the pursuit of wedding the bride and groom get married in recent years has become more and more away, while playing tourist photos attracted more newcomers. Wedding photography prices for the couple of low easy to walk into the error. Small series to reveal the trap for you.
Although the scenery infinite good, this increasingly popular fashion new sought after "travel photo" four hidden traps, the slightest mistake could not make a satisfactory romantic wedding photography, and make a lot of money.
Traps, at a lower price will help you cross over now, some promotional fair often has photographers play exciting signs, such as: "1800 Yuan Sanya wedding photography", to attract customers, it does attract a lot of eyeballs. Travel wedding photography services long service time, low profits, traditional wedding photo studio there is very little on this project.
Currently engaged in tourism generally small wedding photography wedding photography studio, some offer lower Studio on "tourist wedding" concept is very fuzzy, they are pressing for customers "see details."
Trap II, around taking pictures, also called travel photos is a new scenic spots have been shooting people in the suburb of choice, but there are hot "tourist wedding photography" Studio is said to shoot the scenic tourist wedding one of the lines, it does let us surprise. For a photographic studio, they said their tour wedding photography prices for more than 3,000 yuan.
She shows a lot of travel wedding work, when asked what tourist routes are staff just stalled out around some scenic spots, when reporters questioned the location and photograph what's the difference, staff acknowledged that they store promotional tour is on-location wedding photography wedding photography, "it did not travel? "
Traps three eat, photographer new take on wedding photography studio in Beijing most of the quotations are from 4000 Yuan, filming every day increasing the price of 1600 Yuan to 2000 Yuan. The price does not seem high on the surface.
But if you are not careful, very few staff members will take the initiative to tell photographers, stylists, round-trip tickets, room during filming, entrance fee is not included, you need new pay, while newcomers also need to buy a roundtrip ticket. Studio presenting these costs as "industry". These stealth consumer need to ask in advance, written into the contract.
Trap four Studio, find the field acts as a store more Studios look for cooperation in the field of photography studios as a "branch", but in fact they are looking for a Studio in the field doing ' family ' photographer is not the end of the final result is that you can recognize a picture of you.
Find cooperation shop actually does to a certain extent costs can be cut, but if you store film quality is not high, or cooperation is not a pleasant encounter dispute notice, then new trouble.
"Consumer alert"
Before the photo to shop around, the couple's choice of a travel wedding photography agency, should shop around and asks whether there is a hidden consumption carefully, you still need to bear the costs of what. In addition, low wedding photography prices do not easily to be cheap. BACK

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