Makeup care must know secrets, to create the perfect makeup

Many people neglect the importance of makeup before maintenance, that apply many layers at the end was a layer after layer of make-up, powder to cover. You must establish the concept of maintenance before the make-up, makeup before maintenance is equal to the skin through a channel, will make next makeup more docile and more realistic. This edit to explain for you the different makeup of the skin care secrets, make your skin better.
And dry skin for normal and dry skin, characteristics of your skin must be dry and very dry, so makeup skin care you need to focus on skin care moisturizing it, select the moisturizing effect of the product, in case the Sun can make skin more stickers in the makeup of the next makeup, more natural.
Dry skin products: Sisley ecological compound Sisley ecological compound has exceptional all-round effect, unique ingredients moisturize, skin comfortable and light. Also allows the skin against environmental pollution, cigarettes and so on. Against oxidation, remove deep-seated toxins. Most important to restore skin elasticity, make skin more alive!
Mixed skin editor believes that mixing skin are most likely to spend money, easy money. In makeup before maintenance process will be the best t-zone maintenance apart from u. T-zone according to oily skin care methods to take care of, for u in accordance with dry skin, skin care, focusing on the moisturizing treatment, to achieve!
Mixing skin products: Cosme Decorte COSMEDECORTE moisturizing serum immediately after this cleansing products for facial skin, minor Phospholipid vesicle, and smooth you will penetrate into skin deep. Cosmetic ingredients by an outer Phospholipid membrane begins, slowly releasing layer upon layer, dry skin supple eijun. Improves skin texture, creating a smooth moist skin tension.
Oily skin oily skin and dry skin are of a single skin, oily skin makeup maintenance only makeup before applying a hydrating Masque skin water balance, or use oil control lotion or cream for skin success oil control. Meet after oil controlling formula makeup, to say goodbye to skin shiny.
Oily skin for item: ~H2O+ Shui Zhi o OASIS moisturizing gel for oily skin facial first facial cream, oil control moisturizing gel texture, ocean minerals help maintain moisture balance, seaweed essence blessing, other vitamins matter better able to nourish the skin, nourishing facial can also use as a moisturizing mask.
Sensitive skin as we all know, is for sensitive skin are most afraid of sensitive skin irritation, so whether you use a fragrance-free or sensitive skin products, you must before using for the first time in the ears or wrists do skin allergy test. And, in the process of the selection of products should also pay attention to the uniformity of the product, because the more complex composite components stimulate the skin.
Sensitive skin for item: Sisley hydrating mask this mask of flowers is a jelly texture wake skin mask, which lacks moisture, vitality or energy of skin nourishing and hydrating effect. Flowers hydrating mask with super moisturizing ingredients of lilies and IRIS hydrating, helping to eliminate visible signs of fatigue and stress. Gentle ingredients are sensitive skin, apply a facial mask products. BACK

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