Planning a beach wedding in six considerations

Beach wedding has gradually become the new darling of the younger generation. Gentle sea breezes, blue waves of the sea accompanied by a Seagull flying in the distance, hold a wedding in such circumstances, it is really a great treat, but seaside wedding than Hotel weddings always are some matters that need special attention, so let us go and see it.
A: schedules. → While no one can guarantee that day will be fine, but you can look at the beach, seasonal weather changes, choose a sunny day beach wedding.
Selected dates: first of all, contact or visit relatives and friends on the network of the local weather channel to find out this month: every day the weather is very mild. According to traditional custom, selected a suitable wedding day in this month.
→ Wedding day schedule: according to a length of coastal wind and sunshine during the day, there are plans to deploy the wedding, set a timetable for your wedding.
First, select the wind when I was young, exchanging vows. If the wind is too strong, a beautiful veil is used behind a barrier.
Secondly, try to avoid the Sun select of light and more intense around noon and sunset ceremony, so as to take effect is good the sea ceremony photos.
Finally, paying special attention to tidal fluctuations of laws, be sure you know what happens when the tide to avoid washed away by the tide on the beach.
Second: the wedding garment.
Guest fashion: to let the guests know that the wedding will be held on the beach, to enable them to properly dressed. Invitation to indicate, such as: "wedding by the sea" or "wedding on the beach."
Wedding dress: on the beach, has a long tail of layer upon layer of wedding dresses look too formal. Recommended design simple, lively, airy dress. In order to avoid sweating, to select a light, thin, breathable fabrics, such as transparent gauze, chiffon, crinkle silk, and so on. Remember not to use silk because it is thicker, not suitable for hot outdoor beach wedding. Remind you to never wear tights.
Shoes: high heels are not suitable for a beach wedding, walking barefoot on the beach, or a snazzy pair of flat Sandals to wear is the best way to dress up.
Yarn: beach wind is very big, so it is not appropriate to wear headscarves. A small flower in hair, is a good choice. If you really want to wear headscarves must be fixed to avoid it falling in the wind.
Groom's clothing: formal wedding will choose white evening dress, and if it is a formal wedding wear white or coloured flax clothing.
Finally, in order to avoid tanning or sunburn, don't forget to apply some makeup on sunscreen.
Three: food → beach weddings, whether you are dining in the terrace or little restaurant by the sea, it is best to eat something fresh and light food, naturally, seafood is bound to, such as: Shrimp with lemon zabaglione, roasted fish with tomato sauce. In addition, some local specialties to choose. In addition, the tropical fruit or dessert you can choose chocolates in the shape of shells.
If there was little wind on the beach, you can sprinkle rose petals to paved channel. If not, used conch shell or tied with tulle bow stick to laying a beautiful road. In addition, the artist or a beach full of enthusiasm for the friends to create for you: the channels of plastic a row of miniature sand sculpture, with floral decoration at the top of the sand tank can also be used to decorate the ornament.
Five: make guests comfortable → hot summer beaches, and should be prepared to shelter from the Sun and wind barrier such as tents or beach umbrella. Before the wedding guests should be provided of water or other nonalcoholic beverages can container filled with ice. Provided little fan, cheap sunglasses or travel with sunscreen is also very thoughtful consideration.
Before the wedding, and developing measures of good rains, sudden rain, in your. The safest way is to book a hotel or resort on the beach Ballroom, so that you can always transfer the wedding scene there. If you only have a few guests, or find a beach gazebo with covered terrace is also a good choice. Of course no matter what you choose, make sure the layout of rooms familiar, such plan changes without fuss. BACK

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