2012 brides nail recommended: solid carved nail production steps

Rose is the exclusive love patterns. At weddings, even as thin as the finger can bloom the flower of love. This pink solid cut nail, stereoscopic exquisite roses carved on stands in subtle shades of pink roses, bump and embed Starlight diamonds-dots, let the bride is given to all the guests at the details she loved sweet. Ji-Hyun introduce stereoscopic carved by nail expert nail production steps.
Overall use of stereoscopic carved nail, pink, well with any white or the color pink wedding dress. Mainly painted light therapy, light therapy, solid carved mixed use. This nail is light therapy a background and white roses by the gel. Solid glued to last flower and drilling accessories.
→ What is a carved nail: stereoscopic carved also known as 3D art. Applied to almost all the nail products, such as crystal powder, liquid crystal, water, hand made we want to express the stereoscopic effect.
Solid carved carved nail nail what tools are needed to: Crystal, crystal powder, wash water, nail glue, tweezers and other special → maintenance: don't have maintained normal strength is guaranteed. But solid carved parts take care not to scrape something good. Nail art post-best selection of neutral liquid soap, acidic and alkaline SOAP easily affect the Diamond's color.
Duration: can last for three weeks or so.
Nail art step description: → 1. Pink crystal powder base over with sequins, should pay attention to practices at the end of a gentle light, as far as possible, ensure the brush it again again do not appear uneven places.
2. brush again in the same way a second time, and don't brush too fast, uniform crystal powder evenly on the plate, pay attention to beat even with a Crystal pen.
3. Paste white hairs with crystal powder, paste to keep calm and avoid uneven or accidentally by white hairs to stick to other places.
4. finally ready again, heart-shaped ornaments with clear crystal powder stick in front of the white hairs, heart-shaped ornament can be produced according to your preferences. BACK

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