DCT Yoshida Miwa announced lead singer married 19 years

Japan jitianmeihe lead singer of the popular singing group DREAMS COME TRUE (46 years old) on March 21, the official blog of customers announced three piece rock band lead singer and guitarist of the FUZZY CONTROL JUON (sickle Tian Shuyin, 27 years old) wedding News: "take this occasion today, and report. Well, my tree and FUZZY CONTROL the sound you were married March 8 ", two more than 19 years of age.
Yoshida's marriage declared full of sensual, still do not know (age apart) "why do we have empathy, we cherish the love of music, from family and friends, MASA sang (zhongcunzhengren), and you (fans) got the courage and love, we cross this step (marriage). Fate, is really incredible....... "
DCT zhongcunzhengren the same day are also on my blog with "by jitianheshuyinjun titled" expressed two wishes: "congratulations! God bless both of music. The next two people will gradually create better music, lived was surrounded by music, smile constantly happy every day. Love, the most powerful! ”。
Yoshida's marriage came to light, many fans have to congratulate: "music by DCT saved a number of times in the past. Although female marriage has always been the underdog, big men and small, is moved by their courage. " But some people don't believe in this age is known, income has large gaps in "bad marriage".
Born in Okinawa JUON and his mother was a famous singer Lily. On June 21, 2003 a member of FUZZY CONTROL in the arts world debut. His cooperation with Yoshida in 2009 and the latter's PV of the forward, sources said two people at that time gradually close up.
It is worth mentioning that, Yoshida's relationship is also sister and brother love, controversial and vigorous. In 2003, she and 9 more years of image Director Jian Tian an incestuous love, rupture of the marriage of the latter. Two people in a "de facto marriage", but late 2007 sick nasty death, Yoshida also wrote songs AND I LOVE YOU, cherish each other. The emotional twists and turns along the way is very saddened. People accuse Yoshida "have forgotten that old love, called ' everlasting love ' but that's all."
Coincidentally, zhongcunzheng's wife of 29 years younger than their number. Debut more than 20 years is still in the DCT is standing upon the music world (music business) or a private emotional life, seems to have been different.


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