Wedding packages

Romantic package-9900

Romantic package-9900

, Wedding service providers article

1,    professional wedding planning   (professional wedding planning experience, provides professional for your wedding planning and co-ordination)

2,    professional wedding host full wedding hosted service (provides services such as communication, rehearsal, presided over the wedding ceremony)

3,    professional DJ music artist (working closely with the Facilitator, process orchestration, playing all aspects according to the wedding music)

4,    professional wedding photographer video services 2 (whole shot, recording wonderful wedding process from a different angle)

5,    professional photographers photography services (more than 300 photographs, all exquisite pieces)

6,    wedding supervisors (responsible for the wedding ceremony of supervision)

Second, wedding venue layout page

6,    reception table style floral arrangements (continental ivory dance veils, and aprons, flower decoration)

7,    welcome card (creative customization of Otis and decoration)

8,    mantle continental background solid color yarn (yarn patterns designed according to new requirements)

9,    creative men (variety of colors silk flower arches, the couple stood accept love greetings happy door)

10,   continental Juan Hua Huazhu 8

11,   main table table flower flowers 2 (character design, a variety of optional)

12,   bride full of flowers (including bridal bouquets, flower head, wrist, a full-service flower corsage, and a variety of optional)

13,   new beautiful candle holders (including a full set of fine candles and lighter)

14,   the image of the wall show (curtain design style, with KT plate)

third, wedding props articles

1,   dual outlet bubble machine 1

2,   new European-style candle holder

3,   color LED downlight 4

4,  1200W chasing lights 2

5,   hotel, Phoenix one, fan 1

6,   Millennium Golden splash 8-gun salute

7,   white plush carpet laying stage

8,   background stands, wrought iron style, wrought iron arches

four, wedding post service review

1,   photographer finished disc 1 (round wedding beautiful box with margin 1)

2,   photographer finished disc 1 (round wedding beautiful box with margin 1)

3,   cameraman filmed the original data 1

4,  20 Zhang Jing shearing electronic photo album set


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