Wedding packages

This code, love-special 8880

This code, love-special 8880


veteran MC 1 (5 years hosting experience for the entire wedding process planning there are hosted for the couple selected one month ahead of meeting with new communication)

senior camera 2 (a 3CCD shoulder machine, professional photographer full shot beautifully, late knitting production, disc 2)

senior photography 1 (whole shot and presented 200~300 electronic photos)

veteran makeup 1 (early communication with the bride, free trial makeup for the bride, full with the makeup on the day and MOM and Maid of honor are simple makeup, wearing headdresses, jewelry for free)

professional supervisor 1

flower shows:

creative fresh flowers Gate 1 (flower color can choose either to have sharp thin yarn)

road sign 8 double flowers (flower color can choose either to have sharp thin yarn)

main table flowers 1 (large bouquet of flowers at the top of tall bottle design)

reception table decoration (fine tulle + flowers)

candle holders decorative flower 1

champagne Tower decoration 1

admission bride holding flowers, petals, bride and groom's boutonniere, corsage, corsage, bridesmaid groomsman boutonniere, corsage, both parents, AOS brooch, wedding brooch, MC corsage, wrist flower

item configuration:

Western-style veils, background (gauze curtain background + +wedding + curtain decoration yarn styling) colors can be selected according to new preferences

beautiful candle holder 1 (diverse styles can choose one)

Double Rainbow bubble machine 1

light effect configuration:

chasing lights 2

Chrysanthemum Lantern 1  


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