Wedding packages

This code, love-special 6880

This code, love-special 6880


veteran MC 1 (the whole wedding process planning three years experience in hosted, hosted disk for the couple to choose a month earlier met with new communication)

senior camera 2 (a 3CCD shoulder machine, professional photographer full shot beautifully, late knitting production, disc 2)  

veteran makeup 1 (early communication with the bride, free trial makeup for the bride, on the whole, changing makeup makeup)

professional supervisor 1

  flower shows:

5 double-sided fresh flowers Gate 1 or half a packet of flower (flower color can choose either to have sharp thin yarn)

8 single layer flower road (flower color can choose either to have sharp thin yarn)

reception table decoration (fine tulle + flowers)

admission bride holding flowers, petals, bride and groom's boutonniere, corsage, corsage, bridesmaid groomsman boutonniere, corsage, both parents, AOS brooch, wedding brooch, MC corsage, wrist flower

item configuration:

Western-style veils, background (gauze curtain background + +wedding + curtain decoration yarn styling) colors can be selected according to new preferences

beautiful candle holder 1 (diverse styles can choose one)

Double Rainbow bubble machine 1


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