Wedding packages

This code, love-special 4280

This code, love-special 4280


wedding 1

professional camera 1

professional makeup 1

professional supervisor 1

flower shows:

silk flowers (Champagne-colored silk or silk flower rose Lily)

10 Silk Road

5 stage lighting silk flowers

admission bride holding flowers, petals, bride and groom's boutonniere, corsage, corsage, bridesmaid groomsman boutonniere, corsage, both parents, AOS brooch, wedding brooch, MC corsage, wrist flower

item configuration:

Western-style veils, background (gauze curtain background + +wedding + curtain decoration yarn styling) colors can be selected according to new preferences

two-wheel power bubble machine (including staff and imported colored bubbling liquid)

Angel color chasing lights two subtitles one (1500W and staff)

colorful Crystal heart-shaped candle holders (including smokeless fragrance wax and cold Fireworks blow)

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