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Bride wedding top 10 weight loss rule

Introduction: many prospective brides before marriage weight loss headaches, flashing eyes to be the wedding the bride to try many ways to lose weight, today, small series to learn lose weight before the wedding the bride will learn rules.
1, daily petty lost habit of snacking to lose those snacks, such as chips, puffed food, potato chips, chocolate, snacks or a smattering of the near and far, so class can eat dried fruits, almonds around ten, dairy can eat, such as yogurt you can drink every day. Cakes, breads, cookies, ice cream, high-calorie foods such as egg tarts eating no bread to eat healthy whole wheat bread, if you really want to eat and eat a little, but don't be greedy.
2, dietary laws, not overeating is often a group of people asked what if I eat too much? This is taboo during weight loss, while their bodies are very negative, will not only damage your stomach and will make you lose weight-loss of confidence and enthusiasm. In fact, the best way to avoid overeating is to diet, always something to eat, not to go on a diet, then this allows you control your appetite. In addition to outside the scientific and rational collocation, and often have their own special in your diet like eat food so you won't make you miserable always suppressed his appetite, struggle struggle struggle on food choices, once control of produced for gluttony.
3, the food is delicate, less oil Salt FRY things had better eat, or don't eat. After frying food nutrition not only lose a lot more too many calories and fat, and added a lot of toxins, make us gain weight and poses a health risk. Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, can also cause water retention in the body, leading to edema, obesity, will make your skin healthy.
4, Smart eating meat, beautiful thin eat meat every day, many choices are fish, seafood, followed by skinless chicken and duck meat, lean red meat, but one must pay attention to cooking methods, do not take the form of fried, choose how to stew, steamed. Add some vegetables can also be fast when they go abroad, or synchronization add carrots, mushrooms, fungus and other stewed together, nutrition, slimming effect, enjoy the taste is very good, but will make our skin look healthier. If you do not eat meat, it must eat more eggs milk tofu protein these things, eat other foods that contain iron, this will thin health.
5 Add dairy products a day, be sure to add some dairy products every day, in order to supplement the loss of calcium and other nutrients in the diet. Other dairy products also has a magic anti-obesity, dairy products high in calcium can make us eat the fat from being absorbed into SOAP substances excreted. Guaranteed weight loss still upright in posture, healthy body.
6, choose to eat small meals the eating meals, I deliberately wrote a blog post about its true meaning. Today in order to better control our appetite, better weight control. Dinner is full, not feel hungry just don't hang, choices in the morning and afternoon snacks, vegetables, fruit, can also be a nut and milk or yogurt. Once one or two is okay, but not too much. In addition, not other snacks.
7, let the fruit as your closest ' partner "
I like fruit, and not time to eat, what to eat when eat, daily volume of more than 300 grams, and there is no habit of eating any snack food. Usually girls snacks may be chocolate, biscuits or something, but I only have fruit snacks, go out in my bag will take one or two wash fruit, so you can eat all you want to eat at any time, while others are eating ice cream sausage I was bit sweet, good for my health, skin and body are apples.
8, learn tips of eating out eating out vegetables oils are relatively large, and the party may not go. So you would put in your Nirvana at this time. Bite choose a vegetable salad on the side, eat meat, eat three bites of salad vegetables, other food, we try to choose foods that are more troublesome, such as choose to fish to sting many places, so even though you have been eating, in fact, don't eat much. In addition, refuse to drink before the meal, drink water or tea, and don't choose too delicate food on the staple food, such as fried pumpkin pie, layer cake, Chinese Yam in hot toffee and so on, then you can select the rice, you can also choose to have fewer whole grains.
9, learn to enjoy the salad vegetables, many people feel that eating salad in summer or, winter seems to be a little cold. In fact without any problems, and tasty appetizers. In almost every meal I used a salad, vegetable nutrition not only greater saving, will reduce a lot of heat. Every time I would pick a few vegetables, algae or bacteria, add some vinegar and a small amount of dressing or salad, taste really good. Will definitely keep your healthy weight with less effort.
10, enjoy the natural food to be eaten raw, or whole grains, friends of the South did not seem to fit, health and slimming are no small part of the skin, and nutritional value is doubled. Too many vegetables can be eaten, including peppers, kale, lettuce, ju, lettuce, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, bitter gourd, and so on. If you don't like the taste of coarse grains, beans don't like hybrid, we can make a purple Sweet Potato porridge Yam porridge, ballast into fresh corn polenta and first-class taste, and has a good weight loss health benefits.

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