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Luxury wedding tips

Everyone wants to make their wedding more grand and ornate, but in the wedding venue layout too much wasteful and distressed. Here we give you some tips for wedding arrangement, in the most cost-effective way to build a luxurious wedding effect.
Wedding arrangement tips 1: holiday glory during the Festival, hotel, Church, very beautifully decorated, so that you can save a lot of money on a wedding arrangement, but also with the season's festive atmosphere. But want to couple Wed on a holiday note that at this time there were very few neutral, be sure to book early.
Wedding arrangement tips 2: more broken pieces of colored paper for throwing paper, rice, birdseed, petals, soap bubbles and ink-jet, are a wedding into a magician, but in this one, paper costs are the lowest, is most likely to create a gorgeous atmosphere.
Wedding layout Tip 3: use to say the flowers, wedding flowers and luxury level is proportional to the number of. Near, seat cards on the napkins, trays, Cup feet, cake, bride on hand as long as they harmonize and wedding colors, no amount of flowers is not boring.
But the cost of flowers is not low, the flowers to the most important places, and then select the table cloths or carpets with a flower or leaf pattern, so that no one will notice how much you with flowers.
Wedding arrangement tips 4: leased plant nurseries to rent some greenery, controlled wiping blade clean with white yarn to decorate flower pots, you can make the wedding to become full on-site.
Petals are very cheap, but the effects are not generally played, using not only the guests spilled congratulations, can also be sprinkled on the top, on the ground, it is very beautiful. If the outdoor wedding, just sprinkle some Lily petals on the ground because Lily petals nibble will not crease well.
Wedding arrangement tips 5: dinner candles and candles can add to the romantic atmosphere, the wedding is more sweet and Grand. Although some traditional, Chinese wedding held in the morning, but in the evening wedding can reflect more luxurious feel, the colorful lights, the Fireworks reminded people in spite of the Prince and Princess of Mythology.
It is due to the wedding at noon, and dinner venue hosted such fees will receive discounts. If you want to host a dinner, elders must be sworn by noon, might as well learn the ways of foreign, please only a few relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony in the morning, large banquet held in the evening.
Wedding arrangement tips 6: fruit and put some decorations on the table color, beautiful fruit can make them feel good, or chopsticks napkin pinned a little flower, or even about a Ribbon, pennies cost immediate luxurious feeling.
Wedding layout tip 7: white and music by white gauze decorations the whole wall of the restaurant is very luxurious, the band can have very good results, but with the right music can make guests feel the same elegant atmosphere of the wedding. Soothing, elegant classical music is the best choice.
Wedding arrangement tips 8: meet the cards and stickers to complete meeting and stick is the first impression guests for wedding, as long as the stick and meet generous, luxury, guests will want to attend the wedding of desire, but also for all wedding in an unfavourable light.

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