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How to make your wedding a more sweet and warm, mixed with a dash of romance? Believe wedding arrangement can help you get the idea, one of the secret is the clever use of lighting. Here are some very important lighting application tips, make your wedding as well as jinbi brilliant!
Chasing lights is not the patent of candle wedding, wedding fashion today, is the use of lighting, background layout, much fuss on the selection of music, achieve the desired effect, demonstrate personality.
Maybe in your vision and your wedding, you'd never given much thought about Banquet Hall lighting. However, lights will help create an indoor atmosphere, so it is well worth considering. To some extent, you can choose from light would be limited Ballroom style of your choosing.
A spacious hotel Ballroom may not not have much natural light, but there are a complex set of lighting systems to help create different moods and effects; the local Church will have plenty of natural, soft and light, but to limit the overhead lights bright and lively, the lack of an atmosphere.
Lighting can be divided into three types: task-oriented (functional), environment, as well as decorative. If you want to create an atmosphere and environment light is the most important, but most occasions require three types of lights used. Most spacious hall has provided professional lighting engineers to give you lots of advice, such as whether you need to turn off the overhead light or lamp dimmer that can be adjusted to create a suitable atmosphere.
If it is a small banquet hall, there is no such possibility. You have to use your own imagination, add some extra lights or lamps you have handy.
A very simple way to change the atmosphere in a room is to replace old bulb in the House, instead of making more sophisticated lamp. Different types of light bulbs of different types of light. Tungsten lamp gives a soft yellow lights metal halide light bulb gives off bright and clean blue light; fluorescent lamps can produce more diffused light, and does not have a lot of light and shadow. Or, you can even choose the color of the light bulb.
Most of the wedding party will continue until evening, and optimal effects of light at night time. Around the darker, you can make the light heat, especially for decorative intentions.
Ceiling lamp: lights or tree old decorative lights. Old lamps can produce typically multi-purpose lights (very loose focus and direction). If you're lucky, your wedding location, there may be a tree decorative lights. This will provide sufficient hanging light and dramatic focus.
Fixed light: retouching and lights, down lights and wall lights. The light of light emitted by a direct photographic retouching and ceilings create a sense of space. Is fixed the lights shining down from the ceiling, clear beam. Wall also gives a feeling of space.
Independent lamps: table lamps and floor lamps. They can handle all the lighting, create a soft light into the atmosphere. "They don't care about ourselves too much seating, see friends and classmates should be biased towards young people in age, but is certainly most active wedding atmosphere groups weddings seating arrangements have exquisite Wedding guest seating arrangement is something many couples worry, in traditional Chinese etiquette, seats are closely associated with this person's identity and status. How to grasp the needs of every guest at the wedding? How to properly arrange the guest seat? Capacity design of small series to help you complete the guest seating, so that every guest will feel the hospitality extended to them, and make your wedding order.
Hotel weddings are nowadays most couples choose weddings, if you schedule a main table, recommended in the first table near the stage, the left side of the channel, on the size of the table is slightly larger, since in order to accommodate the most important guest, also in order to highlight the importance of main table.
Main table seating:
1. the couple sat in the middle of the table facing you, bride and groom sitting in left, left, followed by his mother, father and groom parents elders; right, followed by her father-mother of the bride, parents, elders; sit opposite newcomer families to newcomers as the Center, but witnesses, best man, bridesmaids and guests sit next to the elders. If too many elders of the couple and guests, a master table to completely fit, suggestions for VIP placed near the stage direction and VIP seating, to show the VIP attention.
2. new cases without seat, the parents of the couple to sit in the center of the main table, in the face of all the guests, the groom's father in father of the bride left, then both mother and elders to sit on a relatively new-father to Center, witness, and guests sat beside the new elders.
Sally recommend the VIP seating:
City couple's ceremony now on the VIP for leaders or invited celebrities, suggested the couple separated the seats of honor the bride and groom, groom's leadership, the guests sit together, the bride leading guests sit together, two VIP seats as important as location, so as not to let any bias, but also facilitate the exchange of their VIP seats.
New colleagues, business partners, the seating:
New colleagues, business partners in the VIP priority, know each other at the same table as far as possible, not familiar with would be required per table placement friends who know to take care of in a timely manner, so be polite, Sally's marriage proposal you middle them throughout the party area.
The seating arrangements of the couple's friends and classmates:
Newcomers should be the couple's closest friends and classmates "diehards, might as well put them in the banquet area the last few tables, so that they enjoy, but also to avoid alcohol affects the entire wedding process, this section also includes helping staff.

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