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Wedding venue layout of 4 key

Now most couples in the selection of Beijing after the wedding venue, wedding venue layout things directly over Beijing wedding company, but if you want the wedding without any defect, you also need to confirm yourself these 4 key only.
Wedding venue layout in Beijing costs the couple in wedding preparation is the most important control good wedding, the first couple's wedding preparation costs, coupled with her parents ' help, and may get the money, half of which is catering the affordable price, this place can stay out of the floating 10% space.
Next, according to catering quantities and venue space to calculate the approximate cost of the wedding venue layout, this is the first step to controlling the entire wedding cost, and most important step.
Don't be cheap and cannot meet the needs of the venue, nor beyond their budget because of the good face.
Wedding venue layout of site visits in Beijing prior to the wedding venue layout, the wedding venue site visits is very important, in the process of investigation should not only consider the venue capacity, should factor into the stage whether, after the red-carpet dinner tables are too crowded, inconvenient to walk so as to avoid the wedding day.
Wedding venue the ballroom floor was too low creates depression will make the venue seem Dim, to observe the wedding venue in advance whether the height of 5 metres or more.
There is also a key that cannot be ignored, it is to note that the Banquet Hall in advance if there are any columns, column-free wedding venue is ideal for wedding, pillars venue to consider the possibility of escape.
Beijing Western-style wedding venue layout style environment or design of modern Western wedding venue of the venue can be arranged, but in the arrangement to the attention of colors, styles and venues match. Newcomers will need to pay more attention to the Chinese wedding venues, if it is Chinese-style Hall wedding venue layout features to be aware to avoid pure Chinese-style layout and overall coordination of the environment, seem neither fish nor fowl.
In front of the wedding venue layout must feel to the scene, the size of the venue, and can accommodate the number of guests, site structure and other data allows you to obtain more intuitive feel.
Wedding venue layout of Beijing-related equipment Beijing, wedding venue's stage size varies, but set the stage size, height is always subject to some restrictions because of the venue, so be sure to communicate with the venue carefully, you will realize the dream stage.
Music is an indispensable part of the wedding, so we can make sure the venue is sound equipment, sound, audio control room is located, and so on.
No sound control room if you choose wedding venues, prior arrangements set the location of the audio console, set it in a place where I can see the stage and channel, so as to better grasp the rhythm of the wedding.

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