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Analysis of wedding flowers tips

Wedding flowers wedding arrangements are the most important factors in selecting flowers and arranged flowers must have professional knowledge before. If you know nothing about the selection of wedding flowers tips and let our tutorial, we will show you some tips pick flowers, also revealed some great ways to save money.
Wedding flower decoration practical skills: the most popular wedding flowers wedding flower most commonly used include lilies, Anthurium, bird of paradise, dancing Orchid, Orchid, rose, blue, Ocean Blue, Gerbera, carnations, lisianthus, gypsophila Paniculata, lover grass, forget me not and so on.
Commonly used on wedding mainly Brazil leaves, needles, Kwai, areca, sword, taro leaves, Monstera, water asparagus, asparagus, Punta laisong, and so on.
Wedding flower decoration practical skills II: wedding flowers should have four main features 1, fresh: leaves the mother for a short time, overall in good condition, small damage.
2, great: two meanings, a greater volume of a flower, the second refers to the greater openness of a flower, that is, to select in the blooming of flowers.
3, color: refers to the flower color is gorgeous, strong, can reflect the festive atmosphere.
4, good meaning: refers to the meaning of the flower itself is better, eternal love lilies meaning, birds of paradise means fly wing to wing, meaning the heart of Anthurium, rose means love, happy Dancing Lady Orchid meaning cheerful mood.
Wedding flower decoration practical skills: some great ways to save money 1, the use of simple and cheap flowers to replace the elaborate expensive flowers, so you can spend less money to buy more flowers.
2, use lots of candles and simple flowers. Cheap ornaments, glass balls, not enough to fully compensate for the vase of.
3, your wedding reception recovery items as far as possible so that attention to guests at the reception, you need to carefully layout where you can.
4, to avoid selecting wedding on Valentine's day or mother's day, usually this time flower prices will rise.
5, consider giving your bridesmaids or small flower girl at the wedding a few gorgeous bouquets (flowers such as lilies or the Eight Immortals), movement of the flower are always better than static to attract people's attention.
6, the use of potted flowers or small plants instead of cut flowers.

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