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Wedding photography digital camera tips

Wedding photography is a very important part of the wedding, each precious scenes are not to be missed. This requires that the camera has an excellent ability to grasp, if economic conditions permit, it is best to have two photographers while shooting, vision for close-range, dimensions, angles, faithfully recorded the film of the wedding day as possible. For new people, they have not satisfied with old-account approach to pure documentary photography. But content rich, romantic, exaggerated form of entertainment, with a view to bringing more sweet memories. Look in six months or one, and can increase the couple's feelings. During the filming of high school musical scene, lighted cigarette on the front of the camera, may produce some smoke. Lens changes to mimic human motion, because people will not push to pull like a lens to the eye. Zoom can cause abnormalities of visual experience. Very fast and very slow zoom speed in relatively more suitable for human vision. In specific shooting, by the subject moved, lens zoom to provide motivation. Lens zoom and move the camera so that the camera produces action hide zoom actions. When taking necklaces, rings and other jewelry can make Gaffer circles, not too much, to make jewelry light is advisable.
Close-up lens is different from the vision, the middle ground, close-range, it is like using a magnifying glass to the look of the characters, the actual shoot objects and even larger than the real. Close-up of the character, the first thing to look to find beauty. Beauty vary, general features the more common parts of eyes, mouth, neck, shoulder, chest and hand. Or separate shooting, shooting or coherence.
As the proverb says: "generated from the United States." Love over time for two heats up, kissing shots if they act too real they lack beauty. A thin veil of the bride will partially cover can be used, or use the "silhouette" technique. Stop down, and in the context of a lighter, only saw the shadow of the two men gradually closed. From love to marriage, as well as hard work and little trees bear fruit. Joy mood at the moment they can use a piece of light music coupled with a dynamic picture to express. Motion picture how to take, we can use electronics or concept to understand: character static + lens moving characters move + lens static characters + lenses. How dynamic is the most strongly? That character is + lens reaction, such as shooting circles counterclockwise around the tree bride's left hand on the trees, shoot the cameraman is clockwise around the tree. Handy to have props to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Falling rose petals, soap bubbles floating upwards.
Going out on location, perhaps rainy weather. The ideal State, it is drizzling. Dim and romantic bride and groom automatically enter a State of love. Try to choose a darker background. By indirect means, such as shooting along the leaves falling drops, to give expression to the effect. If the rain: first choice will not be wet from rain the lens plane, choose light colored or transparent umbrella (to the bride and groom, of course). Watching rain caused a circle of ripples on the water, listening to the rain sweeping the leaves on that wonderful voice, time seems to have frozen. Hit the rain is good, best suited to enjoy the rain, you could take usually take less shots. Shoot the bride open the Windows, looking out the window, because of the heavy rain washed, the environment is very clean. The greenery of trees thicker, a thriving scene. Groom a cup of tea, there are hot, the bride took the water, filled with warmth.
One of my friends on TV, and memory used by the transition era of shooting two people wear bellbottoms from the portable tape recorder to drawing near a set of lenses, is a true reflection of their love. Camera for new Director drama, love romance, and I called it the "movie camera". For example: shooting 80 can be used in the most common female run for male lens. "ADOBE PREMIERE" into a slow-motion, the effect is quite good. And if two people saw a showy flowers, bride exclaimed, hand-picking, but flower pricked my finger, love caught the bride and groom's hands, open your mouth and suck and retracting the finger of the bride blushing, her face turned to the side. Viewers saw the piece, sometimes guesswork out of the back of the plot. How to avoid falling into clich├ęs, this requires the cameraman usually contact life, come up with some surprising and different plot. For example the groom came out from the hotel, the doorman opened the door, and grooms find the gate stood on either side just like a bride holding flowers, the groom looked around, finally finding one's true bride, bride slowly fading (this key is stored with the digital special effects feature an image of the bride). A guy to the right as the first shot "Hi, how are you! "Hand to hold hurried to the left. Second shot left a young man, "Hey, how are you! "Hands reached out quickly to the right grip. Audience that the next shot is two people shaking hands. But, you see the third shot two people meet after shaking his hand of the bride, his mouth said: "congratulations, congratulations"

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