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Wedding day new considerations

1. after a bath in the morning, because the day's shoes are new, so attach a band-aid on his heel to prevent new shoes worn feet.
2. bring plenty of mineral water to prevent thirst on the way. (Bring bride drinking through a straw) 3. Bring a snack in case hungry, hungry at night.
4. bring the needle to avoid wedding open.
5. ready to change standby tickets, parking fees, etc.
6. the work to the people, and check it again for three days before the wedding.
7. women and men must have a commander, as have transport to guest, must have the scheduling of drivers and vehicles.
8. other than with lang, bridesmaids, and a spare best man, bridesmaid.
9. both men and women at home, a man roast lunch, snacks (aunt, my aunt, my aunt) 10. Hotel checkout to a person of the day (father, mother, uncle, etc) such as with food cards to inform them the type of card, ID, password.
11. married three hours earlier in the day to the hotel room, place pastries, fruit, wedding photos, cigarettes, Xi Ka, dresses, wedding candy, disposable cups.
12. the day when the firecrackers, wanting to pay particular attention to safety, far from firecrackers.
13. don't entertain guests with liquor at the party.
14. ask some friends to help, the best each responsible for one thing, sign in, put the cards (one for male and female, they'd better be familiar with the couple's guest) candy, checkout ... ...

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