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Wedding wedding is the most important step, holding a different, unique wedding is very important. Now the distinction between Chinese and Western-style wedding, Chinese wedding banquet with a strong national characteristics and culinary culture, while Western wedding into a number of romantic elements. Either way, bring your wedding ideas will make you never forget.
Three part prepared after consultation with experts, know wedding site preparation has three priorities: entry reception, banquet, Bridal room. These three places, reception personnel should take care, keep in close contact with each other, day of the wedding can be foolproof. Especially bridal room is to pay special attention, because the newcomers who will be wearing a lot of gold ornaments in the day, often in crowded situations, take down lost jewelry.
Reminds us of an important point: determine the size of the wedding, to be calculated a month ago so it's not or withdraw temporary increase table table, resulting in crowded or too empty wedding occasions. As more and more couples choose to marry at the hotel now, that when holidays or when the almanac on the Zodiac, hotels will be full, so book in advance is important!
Most couples wedding in the hotel or hotel, spacious and elegant, ornate style of environment for the newcomer to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. But a lot of the wedding of a friend, but most is always the same, nothing new. This time, we may wish to take in the old wedding traditions point creative, more interesting. Greatest achievement, is able to bring you unique wedding joy, you will never forget, the bride and groom did you want?
Add some romantic Chinese wedding banquet last month to attend a friend's wedding, they chose in the Sofitel weddings. Sign in on the unique flower arrangements, flower arches, Silk Road, silk bouquets and drapery background the stage, to the stylish bouquets on each table, wedding became the flower of the world as a whole, be permeated with the warm, sweet feeling filled my mind. Friend said to me: "my wife always liked flowers, field dress up today really gave his wife, friends and family a big surprise. "
Young people today are filled with good things for love. Wedding has its own unique personality, became the new fashion. Hotels Wedding features fun and colorful, to offering a number of options. "As long as you dare to think, the hotel will do its best to do it for you. "Sofitel banquets of Miss Zhang, said," the newcomer can according to their own preferences, choose a different theme wedding. Red is certainly there, but the flowers, balls, floating wax and cold Fireworks, such as background music, the violin to welcome guests, wedding will bring extraordinary fashion, romantic feel. "
Western wedding, why not in recent years, has been in Beijing, Shanghai's stylish new wedding in a beautiful outdoor, Western-style full buffet reception, is very romantic. According to the Banquet Director, a five-star hotel in Jinan, said many young people are yearning for Western wedding is outdoors, but the influence of traditional ideas, real choice for outdoor Western wedding but not much. Someone once made a survey to some college students, most think that stately Church, white wedding, romantic cocktail, open and flexible dining buffet ... ... This wedding is very stylish, elegant, casual, the atmosphere is both elegant and romantic and comfortable, is indeed a very great temptation, dream of the future can hold such a romantic wedding. Thus, Western culture, Western wedding was catered to the tastes of the young couple, became a social fashion trend.
Select a scenic area, a very fashionable Western-style wedding, accompanied by the melodious music of the cello, and the beloved person slowly stepped into the Hall ... ... All this will make your wedding unforgettable.
Wedding Butler to help you if you want to organize a creative wedding, but there is no time to prepare for it, you might as well put these complicated matters to a professional wedding consultant. Creative wedding, they do have first-hand. Jinan Korean Manager Choi wedding consultant, said more and more young people choose their wedding professional wedding consultant to creative, basically every month day is their busiest time, their wedding is to be the whole nanny service, excellent every shine effect.
In order to meet the individualized pursuit of the young, hotel has also added "Butler service in reception." Senior banquet service composition "wedding Concierge" team, from banquet emcee, wedding bands, cuisine select, process design, and site layout, honeymoon suite, "wedding Concierge" will follow up with the whole, according to guest's needs to provide professional advice and personalized one-stop service, trying to make wedding perfect.
With such a team for your wedding plans will certainly make your wedding shine.
Tips: wedding booked five keys to go to the meeting scheduled for this step by the new people's ideal wedding ceremony, site types, and wedding budget is one of the underlying concepts. Before you consider the specific venue, new people, we should first sketched the wedding ceremony costs, number of guests, and the hotel, the venue of the location. When the wedding ceremony ideas in your head, step by step, rendering clear coming out of, let us work together to book the venue!
1, determine the meeting venue is the wedding date in spring and autumn a popular candidate, but also a lot of commercial activities, sporting heights;

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