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Married couple on their wedding day most likely to forget a few things

Wedding Eve, married couples often are very excited, especially the wedding day, many couples have in mind is a blank, what they say, is very easy to miss, even forget important items in the wedding ceremony at the wedding or lost, causing the individual elements of the ceremony canceled, thereby bringing small regret to his wedding.
General list of articles should include:
1 in my 10 years of experience in wedding, marriage, the couple forgot to take the marriage certificate of the highest probability. Reason is that after the marriage back home, new parents would want to see both sides, relatives and friends to see that you brought me here, probably in someone's marriage certificate, if not implemented before the wedding specialist, you will be kept, need available will have to worry.
2, and married ring this in absent-minded of wedding items in the accounted for second bit, ring in married Qian General is new save of, new, especially groom, often on put ring early of received up, put in specific of place, but due to wedding day very of excited, whole people are "floating has", he usually stable of character also on in thinking Shang appeared has vacuum, wedding day often not know the do has, most easy forget thing. Ring out close at hand, but also the most easy to forget.
3, the couple give each other a pledge. Such as: watches, childhood objects, souvenirs of love, and so on.
Such items are often made by couples and new parents collections respectively, if marriage is not unified collections care, would have caused conditions to the absent-minded.
4, bride's second, third set of costume jewelry, shoes.
Brides usually are quite detailed, but often also careless on the day they got married, in jieqin, left home in a hurry, often forget to take these belongings.
5, corsage brooch with floats to their parents, and floats are starting from the groom's family, the parents of the groom are often in their own homes with their brooch, parents of bride corsage is made when the groom jieqin, brought by the groom to the bride's parents. This on easy appeared a problem, because bride of parents in groom jieqin home to Shi, they of attention are concentrated in groom, bride and jieqin of guest body, busy with hospitality they, then often ignored himself, too late with Shang corsage, on put corsage put in has side, until home people Brigade horses rush out has House, to has hotel, bride of parents only reminds himself corsage no with, forget in home has, has last late has. At this time in the hotel's case, the parents of the groom with brooch, and the bride's parents not brooch, surely not, way out, it can only be both parents without, this is a matter of regret to both sets of parents.
Of course, there are many other examples, I will no longer, for example. How to deal with these easy to forget things? I suggest that new people to prepare the list of articles listed, ready to implement specific to individuals, at least one day before the wedding, put them in a specific place, such as:
1, a marriage certificate, rings and other tokens to put together these important items, after the groom jieqin, by the groom's parents to the hotel, (refers to the bride not to answer back to the groom's family, directly to the hotel) directly to the wedding host, parents do very careful without errors.
Item 2, the bride, to bridesmaid custody and transported, placed in a uniform place, the maid picked up and brought to the hotel, directly on the changing makeup of the bride's room, locked the door.
3, parents of the brooch, preferably after the groom jieqin, by the parents of the groom parents corsage and host 4 AOS, with witnesses such as corsage to the hotel, both sets of parents bring your own corsage in the restaurant, so you can ensure that only one of the parents does not appear a corsage of problems.

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