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Five participants in the wedding tradition

October golden week, married people are like bamboo shoots in early spring, virility prescriptions are invitations let you draw out money again and again when the small but the waves of pain. While your wedding feel like fair, people made up his mind just this once in a lifetime, or this is the last time, so each time you attend a wedding, you should play to be careful, don't make a mistake, or perhaps the bride and groom will remember all your life.
First stop: don't ever bride stole all the wedding is for the bride's wedding day will always belong to the bride. Even another lead, groom, however is her foil. Imagine if you were in someone's wedding, dash, grab the ball, then you die, life is the bride's biggest enemy.
Now the wedding is usually neither Chinese nor Western, both wear Western-style wedding dress and wear the dress of the bride, in order to rob the bride's thunder, there are several color must not be worn, it is white or very light beige series and big red. Otherwise, always eat at the feast the bride's eyes, the taste of the meat must not be very good. Of course if she asked you to wear, it can be a different story.
Second commandment: dress sloppy, after all, is their life events, dress is basic respect to his master. A male guest's outfit is simple: suits, shirts and ties. Woman's request is more complicated: If only to attend the banquet, suits and dresses. If you go to a formal wedding, you'd better get out the pearls, Black Lace, or wear a small, chic suits. Formal wedding needs to be respected, especially when the wedding is at the time of a traditional temple or Cathedral. If the wedding reception dancing, or owner indicate on the invitations, but also in a Grand dress. It is said that in Japan, the wedding ladies and gentlemen are expected to wear kimono, and is for the exclusive use wedding wear kimonos, we can see how grand. No matter how grand to wear, or to remember: never topless, attracted much attention. If the groom is constantly sent by eye, so you'll be the bride even on Miss the next life.
Three ring: words attack even if you are the bride and groom friends, or crush the groom may not, watching the wedding dress woman is indeed the groom the pile of cow dung did not find a single flower, but it is that one, belongs to the bride's wedding day. Even family wedding dress like a cake, even if it looks like a natural disaster, the wedding is a public, you can be sure all the guests sitting next to you: identity? Maybe you had a kid fall into the ears of the woman's relatives and friends. Would like to know they can later be couple, the outsiders may be the bride you removed from the groom's friends list, and lost a good friend.
Four: the bridal chamber is an essential part of wedding bridal chamber made fun of before when, it simplifies some wedding, many of the guests at the banquet began playing tricks on the couple.
A funny and interesting game did help push the wedding atmosphere to a climax, the couple was still willing to play. But remember not to go too far!
The five precepts: a toast by rambling endlessly if you are both friends, sometimes to make a toast at dinner, expressed wishes to the bride and groom. If during the 10 guests or more, be sure to stand up. If the number is less familiar with each other on occasion, you can sit a toast. In order to attract the attention of others, you can start opening remarks, such as "ladies and gentlemen, I would like to assure Mr (Miss) respecting liquor"; or you can not say so officially, just speak louder than normal large said, "now I want to say a few words." However, if you were to knock cups along the way to make other people pay attention, be sure not to too hard, like I myself at least three times over, and!
Wedding reception toast every time should be less than 3 minutes. Therefore, you should avoid rambling endlessly. New greetings, words can express caring, witty, candid and moving, even joking, these are harmless. Your attitude can be serious or clever humor. However, more importantly, you should practice beforehand.

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