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Wedding most likely to make spectacles of 10 links

1, and wedding etiquette of admission--Step-touch walks way traditional of admission ceremony very solemn, especially church wedding, about step-touch of walks way, that so-called of "step-touch-right, step-touch-left" method, is right feet took zhihou, left feet followed Michael Qian and right feet merged, pause two seconds, then left feet again continues to ahead took, immediately right feet Michael Qian to left feet at merged, and pause. When you walk, note should be smaller than normal walking stride, stride length and speed of the bride and groom to keep consistent mitigation steady gait is fastidious. When walking, bride and groom left her arm, right arm, careful not to pull the groom's clothes, or ring the groom's arm tightly. In addition, groom arms naturally bent well, do not tightly clasped wrists of the bride, and the distance is about 15cm more suitable for two.
2 – erect standing position, wedding etiquette, chest abdomen erect posture can make you look and feel the spirit. Correct posture is your feet, shoulders straight, chest out stomach, back to stretch upwards, smiling, eyes straight ahead. Note don't hold your arms close to the body, shoulders relaxed, so that would soothe nervous gestures, while avoiding the body is very stiff. If you want to avoid standing for long periods of feeling unwell, toes slightly apart a little bit. In addition, the couple stood, should be on the bride and groom on the right. It is an ancient custom, the legendary bride on his left, and groom if necessary, with the right hand sword duel with the enemy, you can better protect the bride.
Turn 3, wedding etiquette – a gentle action to clean the bride at the wedding should reflect the noble qualities, you should avoid any big moves. When you need to turn, body with the feet while turning, turn a light, agile, and avoid hasty sense of poise. If the wedding dress or skirt is large, and in turn can be used with rotating in the opposite direction of the hand catch skirts and skirt up a little bit.
Kisses-4, wedding etiquette-love but cannot forget the couple kissing was announced in a ceremony after the two officially became a couple. Kissing can express happiness feeling nature and generosity of love put to, but avoid excessive emotion. In a formal solemn ceremony, too crazy behavior makes people feel new image lacks dignity.
5, wedding etiquette smile-smile is the best way to improve your smile is the best way to improve, should keep smiling at the wedding, share the feeling of happiness and joy with family and friends. Smiling not only express your mood and will make you look even more beautiful. Avoid smiling for a long time caused stiff look, the trick is you can let your eyes with a smile. When you have eye contact with the guests and a showcase of smile, nod to the guests when necessary, Exchange smiles, will make you look more natural, do not become stiff. Brides should avoid laughing, which makes lip makeup lines deepen, undermine the overall makeup.
6 bows, wedding etiquette – lean forward bow 15-20 is the traditional Chinese way of saluting, depth of the bow, leaning forward greet each other in the sizes are expressed in terms of return for the degree of. Traditional Chinese wedding, the required depth of bow, bow 90 degrees, to express the highest degree of gratitude. Now, however, commonly used bow bowing ritual does not require full depth. In General, leaned forward 15-20 and pause for 2 seconds.
Brides should be careful to avoid in order to prevent exposing his hand over his chest, such a gesture is not beautiful, and lack of sincerity and respect for guests. In fact preventing wardrobe malfunction is never use your hands to block, but pay attention to clothes that fit and proper. In addition, the need to remind the bride and groom when bowing, act in harmony.
7, exchanged wedding etiquette wedding ring – don't be nervous in the Church, in addition to flower, usually the children also have a supporting ring (the ring bearer) with behind the couple, together into the ceremony. If you do not schedule ring bearer, the groom's ring should be kept by the bridesmaids, the bride's ring is kept by the best man, until the times of ceremony the couple Exchange tokens, Maid of honor to the Bride Groom's ring, and then the bride and groom put a ring on his left ring finger. When wearing rings, the groom should be bending the elbow, put his hand to the natural height, the bride asked the groom's hand with his left hand, his right hand thumb, index finger and middle finger to hold the ring, wearing the groom's ring finger. If tensions are not on it, certainly don't try to lift up his hands, carefully put on the ring into his eyes, shoot photos of very beautiful. Groom is also the same approach.
8 throw bouquets, wedding etiquette – meaning pass the happy marriage to unmarried sisters throwing bouquets ceremony hearts and pass the happy marriage to unmarried sisters, is said to have received a bouquet of lucky women will soon become the happiest bride. Bride throwing bouquets when smiling, arms naturally bent, not stretched out straight, slightly force the flower back to higher ground where the ball thrown, not too large.
9, throwing socks-wedding etiquette-meaning happiness passed to brother this is the traditional Western wedding customs. The wedding, the groom usually wears two socks on his right leg above the knee.

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