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Wedding photography

1, and Hotel Panorama; 2, and groom bride welcome guest and into hotel lens, played; 3, and reception at lens; 4, and guests seated panorama; 5, and MC announced wedding began, played wedding into new song; 6, and host speech and groom bride of debut; 7, and witnesses speech, and read married certificate; (while groom bride bow) 8, and new Pro-representative speech; (while groom bride bow) 9, and marries people speech; (while groom bride bow) 10, and groom bride simple introduced love after, and Exchange keepsake 11, wedding vows, drink wedlock; 12, the bride and groom to thank the words bride and groom bowing three times.
13, by the moderator announced that the wedding party started; hotel 1, shooting all those who participate in the wedding feast; 2, photographing the bride and groom toast; 3, shot Minister toasts; 4, for friends and family off.

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