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Wedding ceremony etiquette

Almost every wedding, the bride and groom would like a statue decoration, frequently changing guest take pictures, rotate the table toasts, each couple to be seated in full view of standing, walking, and thought no one can escape the crowd's eyes, did feel nervous, here is some basic etiquette for you, guaranteed at the time.
1, position: upper body posture when photographed with relatives, the most critical, upper body posture of the most critical, if you have "! Was finally able to sit down, "the idea that one moment will cat up like a deflated ball, it looks ugly, not effect that. So to keep the tension, especially if the bride wearing a low cut dress, sat in his chair at the Center, twisting the waist, shoulder width, shape and slim. Wear long dresses, oblique hanging leg can make my legs look long; if the bride sit listlessly, lift legs automatically to reveal socks, unsightly, so special attention must be sure before you sit down, first mention of knee pants.
2, stand: naturally straight back and consciously into the eight-shaped groom each other slightly bent right arm, let the bride hands in elbow, to note is the bride not to pull the clothes of the groom, give people a sense of timidity. In addition, the groom should not be straight back to undue prominence to abdomen, never mind holding his bride, so as not to step on the skirt, not too far away. Bride not tightly hug the groom's arm, as if afraid he would escape.
3, walking: bride and ceremony of the compelling some unaccustomed to wearing a white dress and heels, and may step on dress of contingencies, so the dress should not be too long, and the right way to walk is: on your toes gently kicked her skirt, foot light over the ground, slowly move forward. Strictly speaking, the bride's eyes are always looking straight ahead, as far as possible before laid eyes on 10 meters, it is a good photo, but for safety's sake, the bride's line of sight can be slightly down, but not too low so as not to affect the image.
4, Kiss: complete naturally generous, timid think it very strange ritual kiss of sacred significance, two people should behave in a natural way, and generous. An oath from wedding Kiss, somehow shy, coy or contrived to highlight your lips kissing but repulsive, photos or video, are quite unnatural. Correct posture is as follows: gently grab the bride and groom's arm, one arm around her waist, as hinted, the bride will face lift up slightly, makes spectators feel like two people is approached naturally, there is a sense of mystery, look good. Kissing time from two to start with the good, so that you won't go wrong, the bride should have gently wipe the surface with a napkin and gaudy lipstick, so clearly lipstick on the groom's face. Remember, gently hold the arm and face looked a bit more natural, as well as sealed.
5, read the letter: must show full of genuine affection for the wedding, the bride and groom in reading aloud to his family, a relative, a friend's thank-you note must be very careful, as this is a very solemn ceremony scene, sincere emotion is important. After writing the letter, I must personally prior to practice, so as to avoid bias during the official reading. Content should be true, can make the guest has resonance, try to create a loving scene.
6, turn: gently grasp the gown robe, and turned quickly dresses and garments, which direction do not want to change only one point to. Not pull skirts with exaggerated gestures trick is to turn around, turning and rotating in the opposite direction of the hand gently hold skirts and skirt up a little bit, wearing long skirts, while wearing long veil, put them on their wrists, instantaneously fast turn around.
7, smile filled with happy smiling lips, smiling gently. Couple face happy smile is a guest favorite, many photos of smiling faces are deliberately out of shot, smile on his face and no, this smile is fake. Smiley face exercises are: with a chopstick in his mouth, lips, looks like the smiling General. Keep lips unchanged out of chopsticks, completes the smiley face, and then drill, learning how to smile toothy, we're done.
8, bow: smiled slightly bent upper body bowed and inevitable frequently nodded in greeting the Wedding Essentials: first, keeping your back straight, waist up to lean forward and second, bow to emotional, bent down by around 15 degrees, two people to meet, not to "break out". Can keep a pause of one second, bowing to the Minister in the music, don't forget to the body on his. Careful not to prominent Chin, nodding bow or bend over too much will not only elegant, attention to the bow when you looked up people.
9, for ring: the most romantic scene nervous, even rings are worn out! Has the awkward experience of one may wish to have more practice times, brides to help grooms wear ring, groom bent elbow and put his hand to the height of the natural curve. Bride asked the groom's hand with his left hand, right hand thumb, index finger and middle finger to hold the ring, wearing the groom's ring finger. Normally, when not, the bride will not consciously exaggerated, clutched his hand and put it on her nose ring he carefully put the ring finger, in fact, the position is very rude, out of the picture does not look good.

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