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Wedding day the bride and groom posture

1, bride's bouquet pose bouquet should be placed in the position of the navel. Bent spent Palm grip feels like a fist the size of objects to hold the bouquet.
2, a petticoat dress walking walking walking two feet separated two fists-width distance, gently play on your toes like a duckling, can feel the hem edges gently kicked up.
3, no petticoat wedding gown walking walking easy walk along a straight line, knees attract each other. Landing feet feels like in a straight line gently sliding, en Pointe. Attention to rhythm.
4, the bride and groom stand the couple walked arm in arm when eight-shaped slightly inward. Model t-step chest press shoulder, front of Visual 15m.
5, the bride and groom when the bride and groom walked arm in arm into the Auditorium pace, pace and rhythm in order to be consistent. First half step than the bride and groom (15cm) in the distance.

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