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Home > wedding collection wedding day new notices published: 2012-04-02 views: 29 wedding day Note: nutrition dinner Levin and no matter how beautifully rich, new chances to taste the little, tiny. Plus a home wedding, meeting the in-laws during the day, the schedule, the usual eating habits completely was blown off. Therefore, new day the first thing to do is eat a nutritious breakfast to ensure a full strength to start the day. Clearance activities, the couple should eat a few mouthfuls at the first time ready to snack and drink more water. To the end of the wedding, occasion of finished nuptial chamber, two people should eat a little snack, to fill vacancies in the evening the wedding day note II: saving physical wedding this day, newcomers from dress to entertain guests of as little as five or six hours, more than ten hours. During this long day, couples with a fresh attitude most of the time, walk around greeting. This manual is a test for the two. Therefore, you should treat yourself, can have a chance to sit down or quiet not to give up. Even toasting batch, or you can retreat to the dressing room to drink a glass of water, takes 10 minutes to recharge physical and then out on their wedding day note three: not because of too much thinking about wedding programs step by step order or schedule your panic for no reason. Schedule a wedding held by the others, as a rookie, you just follow the host, Minister or indicate a natural transition of the total scheduling can keep your attention on this day in is going through at the moment, look ahead and will have someone else to shoulder the responsibility.
Wedding day note IV: cares for each other at the wedding who is the most important to you? Your friends and loved ones, of course. In the noisy, hectic and busy, don't just call people and ignore you, he (she). After all, the wedding is yours. Constantly remind herself took each other's hand, take a look at his (her) status. Between your love and thoughtfulness in this day to show it. 7Re\*[) Note t the wedding day five: smile if say, into the wedding venue, you suddenly feel my mind is completely blank, it's no big deal. Forget everything else doesn't matter, just remember, always put the smile on your face. Of course, such a red-letter day in, the couple usually naturally exuded his joy. However, some newcomers in the nervous unconsciously show Harper look even worried manner. If you feel is a good put smiles on the faces of the people, the wedding day and we must strive to. Smile for your loved one to rest assured, parents relieved, make guests happy, slowly, you will forget about the tension and really start to enjoy this wonderful moment.
Wedding day note six: revere the elders in the wedding, most other matters are borne by others, but there's a new must do, it is fully demonstrated respect for the elders at the wedding. In the toasting process, don't rush through grandparents Dragonfly water table seating for the elderly. Pace slow down, spend a few minutes, to communicate with them. At the time of their entry to welcome them to go forward. At a time when they cut out early, interrupting the events you are toast, personally sent them out of the Ballroom. Wedding is a reflection of family traditions and values, and revere the elders is the obligation of the juniors.
Wedding day Note: the point in the process of with other guests toast Han Xuan, pay attention to the allocation of time and rhythm master. Neither fleeting like a perfunctory and don't do too much travel. For each table, the guests showed their manners, point, at wedding receptions wedding table number is particularly important. Otherwise, when you worship at the final table, and may have many guests eat well to drop away.
Wedding day note VIII: Relax everything is already done. As a rookie you should no longer see themselves as at the moment is the events Planner and executor, but two looked forward to married men and women fell in love. A perfect wedding is between you two four heads of trading, really to combine with each other to feel lucky, vows for each other deeply, and bearing in mind the lifelong wedding. All other details are not so important, and safely handed over to someone else to do it. What is not satisfactory even if the wedding place, don't let it affect your mood and status. In this life in a unique ceremony, to show you the best image to love, enjoy the tacit understanding and connection of two people of the same.

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