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The wedding process
The wedding process


5:30-7:00 bride, bridesmaid makeup for the bride, bridesmaid makeup, photographed by the photographer makeup artist cosmetics photographer, bride jewelry
7:00-7:45 going to the bride and groom bouquets, flower head, guest flowers, bar car and best man and cameraman, meet new home before lunch and travel to the bride's family, family get-together. Cameraman, best man, Limo driver. Limousine, bar-floats, flower bouquets, flower head, guest

the bride's family

8:00-:8:30 door bride and groom Bride Groom family curveball, presence of bridesmaids and groomsmen and groom red envelopes all red,
8:30-8:45 offering bouquet offer down on one knee to the bride and groom's bouquet, photographer, cameraman, cameraman lens photographers bouquet
8:45-8:55 meet the brides parents new to the bride's parents and serve them tea, parent trust red tea, brides parents back red
8:55-9:00 dessert dessert groom feeding bride, camera operator, cameraman shot the cameraman, photographer dessert
9:10 going out burning firecrackers, bid farewell to the groom's family and the bride's parents, the groom's family, mother of the bride bride to replace the shoes get downstairs, the bride and groom to get new shoes the bride's mother, hand salute firecrackers, new shoes

the groom's family

setting off firecrackers at a 10:00 bride wedding car arriving
Door 10:05 door bride to meet her in-laws, groom's parents give a red envelope groom parents tea and red
10:20 dessert dessert groom feeding bride, camera operator, cameraman shot the cameraman, photographer desserts


go on location to location shooting on-location photographer, photographer  

hotel prior to ceremony

after 10:40 departure to the hotel to hotel, rest awhile, or someone final dress rehearsal rehearsal  
11:00 waiting at the banquet hall gate, sign new welcome, guest photos, guest sign in cameraman, photographer, attendance, seating charts, Xi Ka welcome staff guided the guests to be seated

wedding ceremony

wedding ceremonies wedding begins at 12:15 MC  
12:20 bride entry by the father of the bride (or groom) or into the scene of ceremonies, groom father groom flowers, petals, or ribbons, the wedding rings
12:25 wedding ceremony took the floor, the couple exchanged rings emcee, wedding wedding Word, ring light background music
12:30 representative of the parents parents representative, speech and background music blessing ceremonies, both parents statement with care
12:35 new thank you parents new appreciation remarks by the representative, the couple's parents with a bouquet or gift the couple, both parents acknowledge these remarks, background music, flowers or gifts with care
12:40 field newcomers ceremony the couple bowed, exchange rings, hug and Kiss, to open the champagne, pour the champagne, cut the cake, drink the jiaobeijiu ceremonies, both parents of champagne, champagne Tower after the salute to the parties, cake, new parents, both parents attend


13:00 mat MC announced the wedding began, the bride changed dresses, new toast master of ceremonies, Bridal candlelight ceremonies can substitute for cigarettes as background music


14:00 guest rest guest to leave or to recreational and chess room chess game
14:30 new bride and groom table rest, rest   


notice number Hotel dinner 17:00 dinner   
Left the hotel before leaving an inventory of all items at 20:00   

the bridal chamber

21:00 started the invasion program free to play  

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