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True love Wedding Services Ltd is specialized in Dalian, Dalian wedding, wedding planning company in Dalian, Dalian's best wedding company, we have 10 years of service experience, to provide you with Dalian, Dalian Dalian, wedding, wedding planning, wedding quotes, Dalian, Dalian, Dalian wedding etiquette, wedding supplies, wedding planning services!
True love wedding services is a set of Dalian wedding service, business celebration planning implementation of integrated services company. Company has a young and experienced team of professionals, highly qualified management personnel, level of high-end fashion planning and consultancy, first-class technical staff and strong post-production team provides a guarantee of success for your every need. Elite team with strong strength and heart to create, the wedding is a culture, become a kind of communication, become a kind of ritual, become a kind of fashion! True love wedding constantly introducing the latest wedding fashion every year in Shanghai, Beijing and other places to joint studies with industry peers and learn. Whether it is a traditional Chinese wedding, romantic Western wedding is high-end creative wedding, we can provide you with tailored, perfect to create! More than 200,000 high end wedding, visit by Beijing's top team and personally show you!
Honesty, innovation, and service-oriented business philosophy; aims to elaborate, sophisticated, sincere; backed by quality service and top quality teams, tailored to your distinctive personality, taste and elegant, creative and unique wedding. I believe we will be with you, strange ideas set the stage for you, dreams of the most moving moments of brilliant blooms.

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